Rufous - Warm Wings Hummingbird Feeder Heater

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Made on Vancouver Island, Warm Wings heaters are made with commercial grade aluminum and a red powder coat. All feeders include a six foot cord with a built in dimmer switch, and they attach to most styles of feeders. Warm Wings heaters should be kept out of the weather to ensure longevity of the device.

The Rufous is 5" by 5 1/4".

The Anna, Rufous, and Ruby all come installed with an 11 watt bulb. The Rufous includes a spare 25 watt to be used for very low temperatures only.

When using a hummingbird heater, remember to change your nectar solution at least twice a week to ensure your hummingbirds stay healthy for the winter as the added heat can cause bacteria to grow more quickly.

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