Bird Links

Nanaimo Weekly Bird Report
A weekly report of birds seen in and around the central Vancouver Island area. Click the link or get it sent right to your inbox.

Recent Sightings Around Nanaimo
A regularly updated list of birds spotted locally. Includes where the birds were spotted, when, and who saw them.

The Backyard Blog
Weekly bird reports, sightings, and other information posted to The Backyard’s Blog.

The Backyard Birding Articles
Articles written by staff at the Backyard Wildbird and Nature Store. 

The BC Bird Trail – Central Vancouver Island
List and map of birding areas in central Vancouver Island.

​Birding BC
A starting place for birding information for British Columbia, Canada. This web site features a birders discussion forum, links to birding newsgroups, articles and book reviews, checklists, regional hot spots, photo gallery, weather reports, and visiting birder information.

Discover Vancouver Island
Places to go birding and some information on local birds.

VIU Bird Banding
Help conduct bird banding in order to monitor migrant and resident birds and contribute to efforts to observe and record data on changing populations.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology
A great website for bird identification as well as some seasonal citizen science projects.

North Island Wildlife Recovery
Non-profit wildlife rehabilitation center.

IBA Canada
Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas in Canada.

Birds Canada
A non-profit organization dedicated to increase the understanding, appreciation, and conservation of birds in Canada.

Audubon Bird Migration Explorer
Follow birds migration patterns and see where they are throughout the year.

Pacific North West Raptors
Raptor flight demonstrations, options available for kid’s camps, volunteering and learning to handle raptors.

Birding Pal
Resource to help birders find someone to go bird watching with. Find someone when you travel or host someone traveling here.