Backyard Tips and Tricks

Enjoy the variety of bird species that visit your backyard. Identify them with a quality field guide, and use a pair of binoculars for a closer look without scaring them away. By identifying the birds you see and observing any changes throughout the year, it’s easy to get addicted to the hobby.

In order to attract a variety of birds to your yard there are three basic requirements: FOOD, WATER and SHELTER. You don’t need to get complicated, it can be as simple putting out a tray of water and a mound of seed near a shrub.

Bird Feeding 101
There’s more to birding than just looking out your window (though that’s a good start!). Armed with a minimum number of supplies and minimal knowledge, you can discover an entire world that you never knew existed, right in your own backyard! Continue Reading

Bird Houses and Nesting
Bird houses are another great way of attracting birds to your backyard. In the spring birds will begin to stake their territory in which to build their nest. Birds who build their nests in cavities will use bird houses, log piles, or tree cavities left by woodpeckers. Continue Reading

Water is an important requirement when attracting birds. Many birds eat insects and berries, and will not visit your bird seed feeders for food. But all birds will visit your bird bath for bathing and drinking. Having an open source of clean, fresh water is a year-round requirement for birds, especially during the winter.  Continue Reading

Bird Facts
Have some general questions around birds and bird feeding? Wonder why your seed seems to always be on the ground? Want to learn more about your backyard birds and their habits? From wet bird seed to cats hanging around, here are some tips and tricks to keep your birds happy and coming back to visit.  Continue Reading