Aspects 8oz. Hummzinger Square

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UPC: 026451124706

One cup capacity for those who don't get massive amounts of hummingbirds or those just starting out. The bright red top draws the attention of nearby hummingbirds and the wraparound perch encourages them to stick around a while. The Aspects Highview feeders have a Highview perch that gets the hummingbirds to sit higher when they visit and offers you a better view. All our saucer-style hummingbird feeders have an easy to remove top to allow cleaning and filling to be as simple as possible.
Saucer-style feeders are a great choice if you're worried about wasp or ant issues. Their design makes them a no-leak feeder, which helps keep insects from finding it.

All Aspects saucer-style feeders are able to be hung or mounted on a /8" dowel.

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